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Running for an Extra Week!

11am - 5pm

Mon 16th, Fri 20th, Sat 21st, Sun 22nd

An exhibition celebrating freedom, liberation and evolution.

In the run up to Margate’s Pride celebration, three artists are curating The Sex Show, inviting a host of local and international artists to contribute works exploring themes of

sexual identity, tendencies and representation.

A sensory exhibition that will take place across two venues with a gallery launch followed by an evening of experience, performance and music at The Tom Thumb Theatre.

With themes arousing from

orientation, fetishisation, pride, gender, erotica, humour, perversion and politics.

The Sex Show seeks to celebrate our most natural yet provocative carnal desires.

The exhibition is fund raising through art event for Margate Pride and limited edition posters created especially for the event will be on sale.