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By Chance - An Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Chris Gough, John Hacker and Matthew Harris have recently met having been sought as a group by curator Philip O'Reilly. 'By Chance' is their first show together. Although all are using chance as an element of their working processes, their distinctly individual mark making language sets them apart from each other. The technical demands of their working processes in print, paint and cloth are equally varied and add to the frisson that makes surveying this exhibition an exciting experience.

Chris Gough - Artist's Biog

"Each of these pieces is informed by urban living, long distance walking and a lifetime of teaching and studying colour. Many are improved over panels randomly cut from earlier works on paper using a variety of mixed media and collage. In others entire etchings or monoprints are taken, reconfigured (using a stencil and inlaying process) and gently adjusted with minimal additions. In this way each image becomes a forum where past and present meet. Chance procedures play an integral role, creating unpredictable and surprising opportunities and discouraging forulaic solutions."

John Hacker - Artist's Biog

"Although my work appears to be abstract, it is based on what I observe in the wooded landscape near my Sussex studio. What concerns me is the dynamic push and pull of light; the movement as it appears within the dark and perhaps conversely, seeing the darkness through the light. I work with watercolour, chalk and pencil. I prefer the delicate touch and transparency of watercolour when interpreting the dynamics of light and dark."

Matthew Harris - Artist's Biog

"The task of describing what I do everyday is a difficult one. The process by which I create and construct images through an alterntating rhythm of paper and cloth, paint and dye, has become a ritual of making and unmaking, built up and laid down over many years. Working with material is at the heart of this ritual. Not just the physical material of paper, cloth, thread, etc, but the material stuff of an image."

'By Chance' is open from Thursday 11th June until Sunday 5th July. 

Opening Hours

Thursday - Saturday 12:00 - 6:00pm

Sunday/Bank Holiday Monday 12:00 - 6:00pm